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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

An Elliptical Trainer: what to keep in mind?

On about running a nice article on elliptical trainer. For me the most relevant information in in the tail of the article: An elliptical trainer can offer the same intensity of training as a treadmill but the impact is far lower, closer to that of walking. This is interesting for those runners that look for an alternative to keep in shape while suffering from (small) injuries that will heal if you can avoid the impact that running has on your legs, knees etc... A treadmill has the same impact as running on the road so this will not help.

As for buying a ellipitcal trainer? The article offers a checklist wat to keep in mind while deciding which trainer to buy:

  • Check out the space the trainers requires and you have available

  • If the trainer has constraints considering length or weigth of user: make sure you (and the other users you have in mind) can use the trainer given these constraints

  • Ask you self if you want to move it around or not and if so to what extend (havier frame is sturdier but..)

  • Do you want to control the resistance of your trainer to do your workout at different levels?

  • Do you want adjustable pedals for the different users?

  • The length of the stride (which is more important than the up and down movement).

  • Do you want displays and programmable workouts?

  • Do you want to adjust rampsettings/incline?
It is possible to order trainers online.

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