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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Tenzing Hillary Evertest marathon

Some people (actually most people) think running a marathon is extreme. Of course there is ultra running who have just finished their warming up after 42k.
But how about running in extreme locations? For example Death Valley, the Sahara or on the world highest mountain: Mount Everst.

Every year on May the 29th the Tenzing Hillary Evertest marathon commemorates the first ascent of the mount in 1953. The start is at 5400 close to the khumbu icefall, on of the first hurdles above base camp (when climbing the mountain). The finishline is of course 42195 further and about 2000 meter lower on the mountain in Namche bazar.

A local farmer won for the third year in a row in a time of 3:53:14. The course record was set in 1999 and is a awesome 3:16:03.
And then to think that I was considering Snowdonia Marathon and decided agianst it because I found it a bit to boy.... (to be honest: As long as I make progress on the marathon and manage to lower my PB I stick to city marathons. Once the decline is setting I go looking for other challenges)

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