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Friday, 21 November 2008

Running in Business and in a vest

For those who make serious business of building their network I hardly have to mention the existence of LinkedIn. One of the groups on LinkedIn is Running in Business.
In one of the recent discussions someone poses the question how he can work on his strength during the winter season. Some reactions point him towards the gym or spinning. Some reactions (including mine) are along the line of enjoying running by being outside which is very well possible in North West Europe in winter. Besides during this season there are many crosses that also help building strength.
One reaction I find worth mentioning here in more detail. It is about a weight vest! I never heard of it but according to a link to an article in Runnersworld it has been around for 15 years.
The idea is that you train a certain period with a vest of around 10% of your own weight. During this period you won't experience any progress. Afterwards you still need a few weeks for the effect to kick in so its use takes some careful planning before a race. Click here for the article .

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