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Friday, 1 January 2010

Running with a New Year''s Eve hangover

A new year!

May it be happy and a good year for running!

Get an early start and run right away on the first day of the new year. The first training of the year down the pocket! ...or not?
Did you have a few drinks to many last night? Do you suffer from a hangover from all the bubbles? You might think of skipping a training. Your hangover headache is one of the results from the dehydrating effect from alcohol. Kind of the same effect as a exertion headache.
Anyway, if you do have a hangover, consider skipping the training as starting a training while dehydrated is not very sensible. Actually, getting a hangover is not so sensbile to start with. So start being sensible. 1) Skipp the training today, 2) drink plenty fluids without alcohol, 3) do your training tomorrow and 4) If you realy are a runner: stay away from to many alcohol next time so it won't interfere with you running;-)

And...lets hope that compare to 2009 I am more productive on my english blog in 2010. But that shouldn't be to hard;-)

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