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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Olympics: taking part is the most important bit...

Next Friday the Olympics Games start in London. In dutch we have a phrase that translates into: 'Taking part is more important than winning'. Nowadays with big money at stake from sponsor contracts (f.e. Usain Bolt with Puma, or Australian 400 meters gold medal winner in 2000 Cathy Freeman with Nike) taking part is no longer enough. Not so for Guor Marial!

Guor, aged 28, is a refugee from South-Sudancurrently living in the US working to become a US citizin
Guor is one of the many victims of the war in Sudan. Kidnapped at the age of 8, he escaped from the forced labour camp to return to his family. Only to be kidnapped once more and again forced to work.

After this he escaped once more and via Egypt travelled to the US. He lost 28 family member in the war and therefore does not want to participate on  behalve of Sudan. However the newly formed South-Sudan does not have an Olympic committee. He successfully applied to take part at the games and he will compete under the Olympic flag (as one of four, the other three being from the Netherlands Antilles).

Guor will start at the marathon  with a PB of 2:12. not very likely he will be taking part to take away a medal but definitely motivated to take part and value being there to be an inspiration for youngsters from the South-Sudan.

Read here one of the many news items on Guor or view the short video.

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