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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Burn Fat Fast!

Burning Calories. Burning Fat. How tot loose weigth in no time? Avoid the intake of harmful calories. Resist the fastfood temptation.

It is a 'hot topic' given that a search on 'burn fat' results in over 20.000.000 hits in a tenth of a second on Google.

It is this kind of food that has more calories than you can burn in one day. And what does your body it as fat.

This can easily be avoided. How? Burn the calories on your plate! Set the burger ablaze!

And that is exactly what photographer Henry Hargreaves did. Creating this stunning images in the proces. Just consider why the food doesn't look that burned....the fat in the food is burning. The photographer says this is not an anti fastfood action but I can't say its pro fastfood either;p. Just enjoy the eye candy!

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