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Monday, 14 January 2008

Running with music: Analyze BPM

Like I wrote in a previous blog I seldom run with music. However, every now and then, for the long endurance runs I do carry music with me. The trick then is to select music that helps you trough your run.
Of course you can choose music that fits your mood but the best way is to select music that has the right beats per minute so you can run to the beet: Every beat a stride.
OK, easier said than done. First you would have to figure out which BPM corresponds with your training plans. Going for a long endurance? Run the pace and count your steps for a minute. Do this for every running mode you want to train in.
Now you know the various BPM's for the various stages of your traning your next step is to select the music with the right BPM. But how do you know which tracks have which BPMs? Not every audio player shows this info allthough some fancy software even allows you to speed up songs or slow them down to manipulate the BMP. BUt maybe this is something for DJ's. Want to use tracks at their original pace? Then f.e. MixMeister analyses BPM's from MP3 tracks. You can download it here or hit google to find other packages.

If you go to the site run2rythm you can download three podcasts (in righthand column) on this topic with examples of music with various beats. Not really my cup of tea the music they use.

Want a bit more reading on the topic of carrying music for your run? You can do this with this article on

For those gadget oriented runners, you can consider to go for the Apple / Nike combination with their Nikeplus product. Advertised with the commercial with the voice over from Edward Norton with these words:

“I am addicted. I’ve collected footsteps before dawn, seen places I never knew
existed, run to the moon and back, been a rabbit for the neighborhood dogs,
obeyed the voice in my head, let music carry me when I couldn’t, raced against
yesterday, let the world be my witness, measured myself in metres, kilometres
and finally character. I’ve plugged into a higher purpose, left this world and
come back changed. I am addicted.” > “Run Like You’ve Never Run Before.”

View the commercial:

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