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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Shoe laces

On the My Asics forum (dutch part) a runner is complaining about bad circulation in her feet during running. One of the responses suggests the use of an extra loop in the laces near the top holes. I think most runners are familiar with 'the loop' but as it is difficult to descripe I use an image to explain what to do.

In the left image you see the right shoe which has its laces in the normal fasion. The left shoe uses the loop. So instead of crossing over with the lace to the other side of the shoe for the last hole stay on the same side and loop back trough the top hole (outside in) and than cross back to the other side where you pull the lace trough the loop.
The right image shows the loop 'in action' with tied shoelaces.

In this way you can vary the tention of the laces on the top of your foot and you bring the knot a little bit lower. Most shoes, these Brooks as well, have an additional hole that you can use. This gives you plenty of possibilities to vary the way you tie your laces. So experiment a little to find out which configuration is the most comfortable for you.

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