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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Seen on TV: The Truth about Food

Yesterday the Belgian television showed a BBC documentry: 'The Truth About Food' (see BBC site). Yesterdays episode had the subtitle 'How to be the Best' (site from this episode). This episode had some nice topics for runners.
The diea from the programm is to anwser questions about food by doing some experiments. The next questions were interesting for runners:
Grazing Vs Bingeing? (see clip)
Is there a way to eat your food so you can perform better? Could eating little and often be better than having three square meals?
Eating little and often makes you more productive because a square meal drwas your blood towards your stomic and bowels leaving you with less energy for your work. Everybody know the famous lunchdip;-)
Carb Power? (see clip)
Two genetically identical teams battle it out to see what’s better for long endurance activities – a diet high in carbohydrates or a diet packed full of protein and fat. Runners knwo the answer: a diet high in carbohydrates.
Is just tasting carbohydrates enough?
A strange question but the answer is yes. Apparently you have receptors on you tongue that makes you releasing energy by just tasing carbohydrates. This part of the documentry is not available online:-(
Meat to Beat? (see clip)
The filmmakers convinced six staunch vegetarians to embrace the carnivore way for eight weeks to test whether they would become stronger athletes by eating meat. Did it work? Fortunate for the vegatarians amonst us: No there was statsically relevant improvement in their strength. SO you can keep combining your healthy running with the healthy vegetarian way of life.

Other episodes in the series are a.. 'how to be healthy' and 'how to be sexy'. The first one can be relavant for runners. The second....well with our athletic bodies we don't need advice on that front;-)

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