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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Rotterdam Marathon changes the course

Tomorrow is D-Day for a lot of marathon runners. In the UK thousands of runners (over 35.000 finishers last year) will start in the London marathon and on the other side of the North Sea a smaller amount will start in Rotterdam. Including yours dearly, the author of this blog.
The weather forecast promises to be less extreme than last year (~25degrees centigrade). Only downside is the possibility of Rain
On the website of the marathon of Rotterdam you can see that they changed the course. The loop on the south side of the Maas river is clockwise where in previous years it was counter clockwise. I think this is a good change as one of the narrow stretches of the course is not around the 5K point but around de 22K point when the runners are more spread out.

For the official course Click here for a map in PDF

If you want to compare this years course with the one from last year: look below with the screen dumps from both courses on the Map My Run website:

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