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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Trail running

Spring is there on the northern hemisphere. A good time to leave the beaten tracks or pavement of the city parks behind en hit some trails outside the city limits. As it differs from your regular running you should be aware of the tips given on About Running.
  • Choose Trails Wisely: Run on trails that are appropriate for fitness level. Flat trails are recommended if you're a beginner, while more experienced runners can choose hilly, challenging trails.
  • Get the Right Gear: Wear trail-running shoes, and dress in synthetic fabric running clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions.
  • Buddy Up: If possible, get a friend to run with you. If you're running alone, always make sure you tell someone which trail you'll be running on.
  • Slow It Down: Trail running is usually harder on the body than road running, so plan to run fewer miles at a slower pace on trails than you do on the roads.
  • Pay Attention: Keep your head up and your eyes on the trail ahead. Try not to look down at your feet, so you can watch ahead for obstacles such as rocks, roots, logs and branches.
  • Careful on the Downhills: Don't get out of control on steep downhills. Control your speed and keep your head up, so you can avoid obstacles.

In the Netherlands large stretches of unspoiled nature are far en few between. Advantage is that most 'nature' has plenty of footpaths with walking trails, cyclepaths with routes of various lengths etc. This enbales you as a runner to pick your own route as you go. If you run without a buddy it is wise to take along your cellphone for safety. As the country has full coverage you are always able to give some one a ring in case of emergency.

When going for a run on a trail as refered to in the article on About Running it might even be a good idea to take your cell phone. As trails won't be to far away from inhabited areas it is very likely that there is some coverage. Better be safe than sorry. It is no fun to be on your own without any means of communication if you sprain your foot on a tree stub or take a tumble on a downhill (in spite of the last tip).

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