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Friday, 18 April 2008

Relive your race!!

On the site of the Rotterdam Marathon is a new functionMijn Marathon Analyse (My Marathon Analysis). It is an player that enables your to relive the race. Enter the runners you want to follow (for example yourself and one or more of the toprunners) and press play and you can see how the race develops for these runners. When I turned onto the Blaak on Sunday I thought I saw Luc Krotwaar heading towards the cCoolsingel and the finish while I still had to run the strethc around the 'Kralingsebos'. Si if have myself running againt the winner Kipsang and the dutch toprunner Krotwaar it is obvious that you loose sight of me afhter just a few K. The only time I am in the picture is when Kipsnag is finishing (I am just corssing the bridge) and when Krotwaar is indeed on de Blaak with just 700 meters to go while I myself still have 14K ahead of me.
A nice way to relive the race.

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