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Monday, 8 December 2008

Train the brain while running

I like to read books on running. It is less tiring and jet you are busy with your sport. Just joking, nothing beats a good workout with training kilometers.
But I do like to understand how the 'mechanics' of running work. Something to doe with my background as a aerospace engineer?

On Complete Running Network a review of the book "Brain Training For Runners". First I thought it had something to do with a Nintendo game for on the road but it is something else.

From the review I learn it has to do with training the mind, focussing on the mental aspect of running. Training is not meant to strengthen your body but to strengthen your mind so that te body will follow. The review is positive but some of the reviews on amazon are more critical.
The reviews made me curious enough to read a view paragraphs on Amazon (It's a 'look inside' title ) and I might decide to order it for further reading.

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