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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Stretching: Gluteus Maximus a.k.a. butt

It has been somewhile ago that I addressed stretching in this blog. So today, to make it up, stretching the Gluteus Maximus or otherwise know as your butt!
rekken bilspier
One method is to lay on your back and pull your knee into your chest (see post stamp on the right). For me this method does not deliver the result I was looking for.
I prefer a bit more complicated method which works for me. The first couple of times I did this kind of stretching in noticed the next day that it worked every time I wanted to get up from my chair or was walking up the stairs. My buttocks were painful.

Here how you strethc your right butt, I expect you to figure out how you can do your left one....
  • Sit down on the floor with both legs straight in front of you and a straigth back
  • Place your right foot on the left (outside) of your left knee and grab with your left hand just below your left knee. With this take care of passing your right leg, with your left arm on the right hand side (still with me?). Your elbow of your left arm will push your right knee to the left
  • turn your upper body to the right place, if need be, your right hand behind you
  • push your right knee to the left with your left arm you will feel the tension build in your gluteus maximus a.k.a. butt
Maybe it is a puzzle the first time around but for me it works.

This picture comes close but lets say this is the easy way to do it. To make it more effective he should push his right knee to the left with his left elbow so he can place his left hand on the outside of his left knee. This will put more tension on your buttocks and also the outside of your leg. (see IT band).

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