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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Iron in Kelloggs Special K

It is some time ago since I posted on my English blog.
In april I wrote (on ym Dutch blog on the benefits of iron. Of course you don't eat iron but as a pure substance. When you consume iron it is in the shape of minerals. At least so I thought untill recently.

On dutch TV we have programm that investigates the origine of food. It is called 'Keuringsdienst van Waarde'. The episode from last week addressen iron in food. More specific in Kelloggs Special K.
What did it show? Kelloggs contains iron in it pure form. In very small particals but pure iron nevertheless.

In its pure form and in this size of particals it is not very likely that it has any use. Besides most people eat cerials with milk. The body absorbs the calcium from milk far better.
Below the episode (of course in Dutch). If it is not working go to the site of hte programm.
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By the way: This product is not allowed on the market in Danmark by the local food and health authoroties.

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