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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Trainingschedule taking you to a 5k run!

This posting is for visitors hitting this blog trough a Google search. Google analytics showed a large interest in 5K runs. Usauly experienced runners are interested in schedules for half marathons of even a whole marathon. So people looking for a 5K run schedule are starting runners. So, new runners: Welcome to the legion of runners and this blog.

You have decide to start running. Very well! It does not matter if you started to feel fit, lose weight or just to get outside (I asume you are not starting in a stinkhole gym on the belt) doesn't matter. What does matter? Have some motivation. Because you might experience some setbacks. for example now in autumn with the dark evenings and rain outside. It might help to join a group. Social pressure might help.

What can help as well; set a goal. For example tot take part in an organized run. Or run without pause to a certain point in your neigbourhood. once you have reached your goal award youself somehow. Again social pressure might help: Tell anyone who wants to listen about your goals. No doubt they will ask: "How about...?"

Now you have tackeled the motivation part of starting: It is obvious you won't run five kilometers (5K running terms) in one go. Build it up gradually. Below is a training schedule for a nice relaxed speed of about 7km/hour. This speed shoud enable you to talk with your running partner. If you cannot complete the distance indicated in the schedule. Divide the training in five minute intervals with 1 or 2 minutes rest in between. You´ll notice you can skipp the intervals in not time.

The ´codes´ are:
CT = Cross Training, take up some other sport like cycling or swimming on this day.
EZ = Easy, even more relaxed than the other training days. Try to focus on your surroudings, listen to the birds or in a city environment count yellow cars for that matter
Rust is Dutch for Rest
Maandag, dinsdag and so on are the days of the week

And yes, if you look closely, you´ll see you run you first 5k after 7 weaks. Time for a reward!

If you start running to loose weigth? Don't get you hopes up to high. First of all you start burning fat after some time running so you have continue after this schedule. Second you might be building up muscle tissue. this means extra weigth. Upside of this all: your metabolism will increase so you use more energy the rest of the day as well!

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