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Friday, 26 February 2010

The Hague goes for a new WR

The Hagues half marathon, the CPCrun, will have a topfield aligned for the upcoming half marathon according to the dutch newspaper AD.

On my Dutch Blog I wrote on an change in the course that probably will make it a faster course. Now with the fast runner Patrick Makau on the starting grid it looks like we are heading for an attack on the resident World Record. Makaus PB is only 19 slower than the World Record Wanjiru ran 3 years ago in the Hague.
With 3 other runners with PBs under the hour and 5 with a time just above the hour this is a very fast field. According to the article another fast runner is to be expected. We wait!

Like Rotterdam as a marathon city (read my previos post) the Hague is one of the top places to see a half marathon.
Like for the marathon I made the same tables for the half marathon. First we notice that there far more cities are in the top 100 of all times for the half marathon than for the whole marathon. So I limite the overview to those with 3 or more entries in the top 100:

And again we come across Rotterdam!

Looking at the course record the Hague leads the list with its world record:
And the same for the top 10 times ever:
Rotterdam only comes in 7th place but to show taht you can do anything with number: I took the average of the 3 best times ever run in these cities:

And yes our own Rotterdam is back up on place 3 (c:

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