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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Top times in Rotterdam?

In my preperation for Rotterdam this April I was looking back at my Dutch blog and came across this overview with the top ten marathon cities.
This overview is a bit out of date so I started to look for a new overview. Unable to find one I took the top 100 marathon times from the IAAF site.
It resulted in these tabels. First of all I looked at how many times a city is present in the list. This contest is won by London (sorry the tables are in Dutch but I think it is still celar what they show):

Then lets have a look at the track records of the city. Then Rotterdam comes second behind Berlin with its World Record:
Than looking at the top times ever you wonder why other cities still organize marathons as only four realy seam to matter:
Anyhow it is obivous. Rotterdam has a fast track so if I don't succeed in running a personal best I can't blaim the track(c;

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