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Saturday, 20 September 2008

How to run: lesson 1

As most people on the web are aware YouTube is a fine source of videos on lotst of different topices. Browsing trough them you'll get across some nice ones about running. This one gives a nice overview of thetechnique of running.

A few remarks before we start:
  • Maybe the running lady in the intro should have worn a (better) sportsbra. As the voiceover mentions that a wrong posture can lead to injuries so can wrong gear.

  • The voiceover mentions that the body should be slightly tilted forwards...I have watched closely but to me it is straight up with the runner.

  • No it is not a muppet popping up. The video was, I think German, and this fellow is the original commentator.

  • When they switch from addressing the boy to addressing the legs you might say that they manage to state THE BLOODY OBVIOUS with the voice-over "Your legts are the most important part of your body for running".

  • The text "Most runners are forefoot runners by nature"is not incorrect persee. But lets face it... Most runners only use this technique at high speed. OTherwise the land on their heel. Just take a look at an average sunday in the park neer you or at the next running event you watch in your town.

  • Well besides these remarks from a grumpy old man...enjoy the film:

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