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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Runners bashing

On a Dutch blog on Fitness I found four arguments why you should not be running. I tried to find the original article on However as the post on the Dutch blog is in English check it out on the Dutch fitnessblog.

The four arguments are:
  1. Every landing is a strain on you body: Yeah sure, and lifting weights or loosing fat to show of muscles is very natural and healthy? If I am not mistaken we originate from the early humans that ran on the plains of africa to hunt for food. SO you could compare humans with running animals like a cheetah. Never saw them doing fitness!
  2. Marathon Runners do not have a great body: Hmmm for toprunners that run for the prizemoney they might be right but honestly I prefer an well trained body of runner over some of the bodies shown on the site of bc core fitness. O yes, the argue that running a marathon will consume precious muscle tissue. They are kind of right on that point but that is why the average runner does not run more than two marathons a year. A well trained runner will recover in no time.
  3. Runners should not have strength and power due to the mediocre pace of training. This is an argument that shows a complete lack of understanding of the way we runners train. I challenge a fitnesser anytime to run op a hill, do an interval at 90% HRmax, etc....
  4. Last but not least they argue: Running is no, I repeat, NO good cardio exercise. Excuse me, there is no other sport that enables you to burn calories so effectively, train your heart muscle, lower your rest heartbeat, reduce your percentage of body fat 'und so weiter, und so weiter'. They also argue that, as the heart is an muscle, you will loose heartmuscle tissue when running a marathon, like with argument #2 for the legmuscles. There they might be wrong as well. Running a marathon you use your legs at the maximum of their capabilities on endurence because your legs are not programmed to go on and on with moving. Your heart muscle however is programmed for endurance and for somepeople this endurance might last for over an century. During the marathon you only boost it to, lets say, 60% of your HRmax...Okay if you are not well trained or have a defect there is a risk.

Well why bother; It is a matter of taste which sport you like and I like running. It makes me feel good, going out in sun, rain, wind, heath or cold. Experience the outdoor building my resistance, feeling nature and exploring places. These experiences are hard to gain in a gym. I just keep on running.

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