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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Running for Peace: Funny Commercial

In the Netherland there is an initiative called "the week of peace". As the programm does not reach enough young people the organizers came up with the idea of "the night of peace" with a programm that should appeal to younger people.

Below you see the commercial for this night featuring Jan Pronk. A Dutch politician who was always fighting for equal rights, peace, the under develloped countries. Etc. He is internationaly well known for his UN work and was recently the special UN representative for Darfur.

For those who do not speak dutch...the only lines spoken are at the end and are translated underneath the embedded clip. Read them afterwards otherwise it is to much of a give away:

The spoken lines are:
His Wife: "Did you have a nice run, Jan?"
He: "Yes but I feel I'm getting older."
The pay off, of the commercial is "Wanted; Next generation of Peacefighters"

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