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2012-10-07 09:00:00 GMT+01:00


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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How long is the City Pier City Half Marathon?

In my previous post I wrote on the Jones Counter, used to measure the distance of marathons. The article mentioned in this post states that every road races is a bit longer than the official distance.

Today I entered the route of the CPC run of last sunday in Runkeeper using google maps.

An acurate analysis of this map will show that I placed the start a couple of metres to much towards the sea. And for the finish line? I think it was a bit more further down the bicycle path along the 'Malieveld'.
Even with these alterations that shorten the route Runkeeper stops at 21 kilometres and 400 metres.

Of course do not take these figures for granted but it would be nice te learn from the organization what the actual distance is that is covered by the CPC-run according to their official measurement.

Wanna know more on the CPC run? Read my review!

Runkeeper has also two routes logged using GPS last year on a slightly different route. They are 21.04 and 21.11km. This can be explaned by the fact that GPS draws straight lines between everymeasurement. This will shorten routes run on a track with lots of bends and curves. Try for example a twisting and turning track in the woods were you might loose some of the waypoints due to bad reception of the GPS signal.

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