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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Running on Empty: Insights into the death of Samuel Wanjiru

Above the
Dutch cover
below the
english edition

A year after the death of Wanjiru the Dutch reporter Frits Conijn published his book on the death of the one time Olympic Champion on the marathon. Wanjiru died from a fall (or jump) from the balcony of his house in Kenia.

A quote from the international well known manager of athletes Jos Hermens  who wrote the foreword: "I knew Wanjiru always friendly and smiling. Trough this book I understand the tragedy he was hiding behind this smile."

Sammy Wanjiru ran a world record on the half marathon of the Hague, the City Pier City run. His best performance was the gold medal in the Olympic marathon of Being.

Conijn had access to Wanjiru’s inner circle and found evidence of a possible over up.

The Dutch edition was published exactly one year after the death of the athlete.

The video below, from Dutch Television, shows some of the highlight of his career.


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