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Friday, 24 August 2012

Skins: Innovative or just good marketing for running gear?

Last week I was introduced to a new brand of running gear (or sportswear in general): Skins. After compressions socks you can now buy compressions clothing for your whole body.

The flyer addresses a couple of features that charaterise the apparel of Skins:

  • Compression: with the known benefits of enhance bloodflow and improved recovery;
  • BMI fit: refers to sizes that not only address height but posture as well;
  • SkinMuscle+: Additional compression of the clothing around relevant muscles;
  • Skindry: something all functional clothing promisses;
  • Skintemp: optimal body temperature regardless of outside temperatures, again a feature that all functional clothing promisses;
  • SkinUVblock: OK, that sounds new but then again, doesn't most fabrics shield at least to some extend from the sun?
Sizes of a running tight ( Skinssite ).
Posturesshaped of women
according to Skins
Skins has the following categorys of man clothing:
  • Active for all sports
  • for Cycling 
  • for Triathlon
  • for Golf
  • for Snow
  • for Recovery
As runners we have to resort to either 'all sports' or Triathlon.

OK, I llike their marketing but do they realy offer something new comparec to for example high end apparel from Falke or Adidas. I myself have some very tight tops from Adidas Fusion (with Polar heart rate sensors) whcih have most of the above mentioned charateritics. And to be honest he price of Skins is with f.e. 90 euros for a top with short sleeves high end of the market...

Please share your own experience with this gear...

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