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2012-10-07 09:00:00 GMT+01:00


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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stretching: A streetplan to your Muscles

A couple of times I addressed the topic of 'Stretching' on this blog. I already addressed the calf muscle and the muscles in your but. More on this topic can be found by using the label stretching.

If you wanna know more on the various muscles in your body you can find the to images displayed below on the website of the BBC. Consider it a streetplan to the muscles in you body. If you follow the link to the BBC website you find these maps 'clackable and learn more on each an every group of muscles.

First the image with the muscles on the front of the body:
source BBC science

and secondly the back of the body:
source BBC science

While you at it. Enjoy also this interactive page with more information on the human body.

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