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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stretching: Hamstring

Next on the menu for stretching exercises is the hamstring. You can stretch the hamstring at the back of your upper leg in various ways. There are two methods you can do sitting but it can be done standing as well. Standing is easier when outside during a run either warming up, or cooling down.

First one of the methods you can perform standing:

Sitting (one leg):

This exercise can also be done in a standing mode. Here is how:

  • Find a fence or wall of roughly the same height as your hips (a bit lower is OK, higher? Better not);
  • Place on foot on the fence, best your heel so you can point your toes towards you;
  • Bend the leg you stand upon until the leg on the fence is horizontal;
  • grab your foot as in the video.

Sitting (both legs): 

This one can be done in a standing mode as well and no, not by placing both legs on the fence.

Place your feet next to each other en simple bow and touch your toes or ankles as low as you can. If you come op do it slowly stretching your spine vertebrae by vertebrae.

It is also possible (and smart) to pay attention to your posture when you bend to touch your toes. Both in the sitting method as in the standing method. Not just reach for your toes and grab them as in the video.
  • Start with stretching your arm up try to reach for the ceiling/sky/heavens above depending your location and conviction;
  • make yourself as long as possible while keeping you feet flat on the ground;
  • Bend in your hips while your arms stay in line with your back all the way to the horizontal position of your upper body;
  • Then,  vertebrae by vertebrae, bend your spine and if agile enough your hands will touch your toes or ankles in due time;
  • Only if need be you can bend your arms at the shoulder to complete the movement and touch your toes.
By performing the stretch in this way your probably not only stretch your hamstrings but also your calf muscles. Wanna give them some special attention? Read my blog on stretching the calf muscles and the lower calf muscle.

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