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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Stretching: Inner Tigh or Adductor

After discussing the stretching of the calf muscle, the lower calf muscle, hamstring, buttocks, the quadriceps and the IT band (outside upper leg) the only thing left is the inner thigh. As you can tell from the streetplan to your muscles this is the Adductor or Adductor Longus.

The video below shows how you can stretch this muscle in a sitting mode but during the warming up or cooling down of a run outside a standing mode might be more convenient.

So here is the 'how to' of stretching your inner thigh in  standing mode:
  • Place your feet wide apart with the toes pointing forward;
  • Slowly bring your body and weigth over f.e. your left foot while bending your left knee;
  • you will notice you automatically lower your centre of gravity roughly located around your hips;
  • You can feel the tension build on the inner side of your right upper leg;
  • After stretching the adductor of your right leg come back to the beginning position and mirror the movement for your left adductor.
Have fun!

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